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Fleetville Diaries needs you!   

We need at least three volunteers to join your Committee. The election (if required) and change-over will take place at the AGM in November 2021. Your current Fleetville Diaries membership status is irrelevant, though you will need to become a member on taking up your place. The current Committee will decide arrangements at their next meeting. Committee membership is not onerous – around 4 meetings a year, with email exchanges between times. The committee roles are the expected ones in running any small organization, but most of the work is done collaboratively; historical research is not a prerequisite, though mutual help and advice is available as required. However, anyone able to run our website would be very welcome. 

Two New FREE Saturday afternoon street walks for 2021.
  • Early Beaumonts. Our search for evidence of everyday life at this medieval manor will
    begin at the triangle in Salisbury Avenue and take us to the heart of activity where the modern estate is located. Please book by email (mikeneighbour@mac.com) for this event as we are constrained by footpaths and public roads and our public liability insurance limits numbers to 30. Please remember to state how many places you require.
  •  Laid to Rest – Remembering All Lives, featuring seven stories of people who lived in St Albans and who are commemorated here. We will meet outside the chapel at Hatfield Road Cemetery. There is no need to book for this event as it is entirely off-road.
  • We would aim for both walks to take around, but no longer than one and a half hours.
    We will announce two dates for these events as soon as we can.        

Can you contribute to our archive?  Our current projects are: BALLITO – As one of the foremost large businesses in Fleetville, Ballito Hosiery Mill made silk and then nylon stockings. If you can help us in this research, please write to us using the Contact page.  FLEETVILLE INFANTS SCHOOL – We have been working with the Year 1 and Year 2 classes in their local history activities.  WIKIPEDIA ENTRY – After a delay we are finally creating an entry for Fleetville to be included in the online encyclopaedia. Currently there is no reference to the district and we would like to put that right.  FLEETVILLE STREETSCAPES – An exploration of planning, architecture, aspiration, accident and expediency in the making of Fleetville’s neighbourhood.

Fleetville Diaries is an organisation dedicated to recording the past life of this eastern suburb of the beautiful city of St Albans, Hertfordshire. Fleetville came into existence at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with the arrival of a number of manufacturing concerns.