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Fleetville Diaries Annual Report 2020

Given the current restrictions on gatherings, our physical meetings remain suspended so, with regard to our monthly talks, we await Government directives allowing indoor meetings and the Community Centre’s implementation policy of the social distancing requirements we will have to meet. However, we are looking forward to presenting some walks this summer and perhaps, talks in the autumn as and when we are allowed to congregate in person. 2021’s programme of events is expected to include all the talks cancelled from 2020: we will keep you informed of all developments in our monthly circulars and on this site.


Can you contribute to our archive?  Our current projects are:

BALLITO – As one of the foremost large businesses in Fleetville, Ballito Hosiery Mill made silk and then nylon stockings. 2020 is the second and final year in our exploration of this hugely successful firm.  If you can help us in this research, please write to us using the Contact page.
FLEETVILLE INFANTS SCHOOL – We are now in our second year working with the Year 1 and Year 2 classes in their local history activities.
WIKIPEDIA ENTRY – After a delay we are finally creating an entry for Fleetville to be included in the online encyclopaedia. Currently there is no reference to the district and we would like to put that right.
FLEETVILLE STREETSCAPES – An exploration of planning, architecture, aspiration, accident and expediency in the making of Fleetville’s neighbourhood.

Fleetville Diaries is an organisation dedicated to recording the past life of this eastern suburb of the beautiful city of St Albans, Hertfordshire. Fleetville came into existence at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with the arrival of a number of manufacturing concerns.