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Forthcoming events:                                                                                                                                                     
Wednesday, November 28th.  Fleetville Diaries’ AGM .                                                                                      This is going to be an interesting meeting as the Chair is handing over responsibilities.  We invite members to present ideas regarding the way forward for Fleetville Diaries.  Fleetville Community Centre 7.30pm.  Mike Neighbour will be recounting shocking tales which involve a radio listening station and two murders – in our own ‘backyard’!  
2019 Events Programme.  This will be available on line in December 2018 and leaflets will be given out in mid January 2019.  If you would like to receive early news of our events and you are not on our emailing list, please message Liz through the Contact page.

Fleetville Diaries is an organisation dedicated to recording the past life of this eastern suburb of the beautiful city of St Albans, Hertfordshire.   Fleetville came into existence at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with the arrival of a number of manufacturing concerns.

Our current projects are:

* ‘The Orchid King’, Frederick Sander, and his immediate family are buried at Hatfield Road Cemetery; we are paying tribute to his extraordinary life by restoring his grave.

* Collecting  memories of Ballito Hosiery Mill.

* ‘Right Up My Street’ – a history of Beaumont Avenue.

* IT training for historians