Cambridge Road

Dianes GrandadFleetville Diaries researches into the fascinating development of Fleetville’s housing, shops, transport and factories. Extraordinary memories of the recent past have been recorded. The lives of those in the cemetery have been detailed and are celebrated.  It occurred to us, however, that we hadn’t carried out research into how ordinary people went about their lives in our local streets – that history too needs to be recorded before it is lost.

Cambridge Road was chosen only because one of the FD Committee lives there – no other significance!  The  Committee agreed an initial project meeting to encourage residents to participate in early summer 2015 at a local and familiar venue which attracted about 20 interested folk, 4 of whom joined the CR project team.
That evening, we scanned documents, took contact details and talked an awful lot; meanwhile arranging to carry out some oral history interviews. Joe, one of these interviewees, was very sceptical that he had anything of interest to say and was even more sceptical there was anything interesting about Cambridge Road.