Camp View Road


Camp View Road meets Sutton Road and Cambridge Road at a small three-way junction. A road of 45 small terraced houses, it was built on a former farm track belonging to CVR top2Beaumonts Farm, owned by brewer and farmer Thomas Kinder. When the land was sold to Arthur Ekins and Francis Giffen in the late 19th century; Francis Giffen built most of the houses between 1901 and 1904. A few of the odd-numbered (37 to 45) houses were built slightly later; all were occupied in 1912. We have recently been alerted to the fact that the houses now numbered 72 and 74 Sutton Road are likely to have formed part of the Camp View Road development, although they do not appear to have been numbered as such.
When I showed the road’s Kelly’s Directory entries to other Fleetville Diaries’ members, they agreed that a road which formerly had many long-standing residents merited further study.
We formed a team …Team and set to work immediately!  …… read

and stored a lot of further information (including maps, registers and so on) ……. here