Fleetville, Home from Home

Fleetville’s history would not be the same without the steady influx of people from all over the world who formed a workforce; providing retail services along the Hatfield Road; manufacturing in print works, engineering and the clothing sector; and nursing in our local hospitals.  Click on the links below to read about their journeys and settlement in our local community.

Mumtaz Begum came here from Pakistan in 1970 when there were only five other Pakistani families in St Albans.

Annette Agett came to England from Mauritius in 1968.  She worked as a nurse.

Gianna Eary was brought up in Trieste where she met her husband just after the war.

Melda Liburd arrived in St Albans in 1961.  She comes from the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Rafina Bardell travelled to this country from Mauritius to begin her nursing career in 1968.

Urla and Wilkinson Rollins come from Barbados and arrived in England in the early 1960s.