Frederick Sander & Henry Moon

The Frederick Sander & Henry Moon exhibition panels

We have recently restored the family plot of Frederick Sander and Henry Moon as part of the ‘adopt-a-grave’ scheme at Hatfield Road Cemetery. You will probably know that Sander was a world leader in orchids – discovering new varieties and developing the difficult science of hybridisation during the period of orchid mania in the late 19th century. He created the iconic book, Reichenbachia, for which the artist (and later, his son-in-law), Henry Moon, made exquisite illustrations. The full colour plates were prepared in his made-for-purpose studio at the orchid nurseries on Camp Road. More about Sander’s Orchids here.

Our members have managed to reduce costs by doing much of the labouring themselves; uprooting shrubs, scrubbing stonework and sourcing granite chippings. We are indebted to Burgess Memorials for excavating the stonework and re-positioning two crosses, a plinth and some curb stones.  The project was partly funded by discretionary grants from local councillors.